About BMA

BMA Vision is to promote cultural heritage in the Republic of Azerbaijan

History of Baku Malayalee Association


BMA is one of the most popular communities among Non-Resident Indians in the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the formation of the association there was only few Malayalee's in the country. The decision of creating BMA was inspired by family get-together during weekends.

Mrs.Lata Johnson, who played a pivotal role in the formation of BMA by including all Malayalee's in one roof. BMA established on 02nd Nov, 2002 in Oriental Restaurant. Only 19 members were there in the start-up phase. Among them they selected President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In the beginning days, all the BMA events were held in Oriental Restaurant. The innumerable support from Mr.Anil Kumar, who was the owner of the restaurant, was commendable. The sincerity and hard work of the association members made tremendous progress in BMA. Thus, BMA achieved a great success in the beginning year itself.

As, we all know, Kerala is rich for its great heritage, BMA always provide immense importance for its rich cultural heritage. All celebratory events of Kerala were organized by BMA during these years. BMA organized different art forms of Kerala during the annual function day. This resulted in opportunity for public to aware about Kerala diverse forms of traditional cultural activities.